Lighten For Life
Overview 4 Life

Lighten For Life is the center designed to help you achieve the healthy
body that you were designed for.  

Do you want to look like a model?  For 99% of us, obtaining a  model
figure isn't even healthy  Yet almost every place we turn, pictures of very
slender 18 year olds entice us to seek quick solutions that are
unrealistic.  We're hear to give you what you need: a good looking, in
great shape, healthy you!
What We Do 4 Life

Our first goal is to give you the knowledge you need to understand how
to Lighten For Life.  You will then apply those principles, and with
reenforcement you won't just achieve your goal, but you'll stay there For
Your Home 4 Life

Why you should Lighten Up: to Save Your Life

If you knew what obesity could do to you, your next step would be to see
why you need to Lighten for Life and what it can do
for you.

Lighten For Life In Five Steps
  • Accept who you are now
  • Envision your new self as a better you
  • Inform yourself and Take Action
  • Keep your pace as you Lighten towards your
  • Accept your new self For Life
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Lighten for life does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.
Read Dr. Dunn's
article on how the
problem of obesity
may cause a health
crisis in this and
many countries